web design philosophy

Fortson Communications’ website development approach is based upon a simple design philosophy and goal: to combine creative visual artistry with technological expertise in the clearest, most user-friendly and most cost-effective way possible to maximize our client’s desired interaction between their website and its target audience.

        Of course, behind this simple idea lie some exciting challenges.

        We believe that to maximize website/user interaction we must clearly understand both your goals as the client, and the needs, tastes and demographics of your target audiences. To that end, we’re committed to spending the necessary time with you to probe deeper into the nuances of your message and how it relates to audience demands. At that point, we begin the web design and complementary collateral.

        We believe that a website’s functions are:

    • to call attention to your message, product or service

    • to attract and hold the interest of the target audience

    • and, most important, to motivate the target audience to take your desired action

          We believe that a website’s function is NOT to call attention to the web designer or to flashy gimmicks that do not enhance the client-target interaction.

          Of course, we love to use the latest eye-catching dynamic web effects and animations.  But we also believe in the time-tested design rule, "Less is More".  Each website feature and component must pass the same simple test: does it add to or detract from achieving the client’s goals?   Clean, clear and simple websites are not only more effective communicators and motivators, they’re also more cost-effective for the client.

          We welcome you as a client to "look over our shoulders" throughout the design and development process, to ask questions and offer feedback.   You can view your site's progress online at your convenience.   And we invite you to be as involved (or uninvolved) in the process as you wish.

          We believe that even the greatest website on the planet cannot be effective if the target audience doesn’t see it.   Therefore, we urge all clients to let us build into each website the latest search-engine optimization components and to take the promotion steps necessary to maximize its presence on the web.  By doing this, we enhance and amplify the clients’ message, thus increasing the chances for national and international recognition and customers.

          Finally, we are committed to doing all of this on time, and on a reasonable budget.

          Give Ed a call anytime at 970-257-0872.  There's never a charge for initial consultation.

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