seo & internet marketing

You're certainly not alone if you're a bit confused by terms such as Internet Marketing and Web Promotion.  And, of course, there's that new buzz word, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to muddy up the waters even more...

          So let's start by defining terms. 

  • By Internet Marketing, we mean utilizing your website as a cutting-edge medium (think of it as a steroid-enhanced cross between television, magazines and mail-order catalogs) to sell or promote your products or services, disseminate information, and otherwise interact with the target audiences who visit your site.  Internet marketing is the process of putting your site to work after people are looking at it; and keeping those visitors coming back again and again. 

  • By Web Promotion, we mean the steps you must take to attract as many visitors as possible to your site in the first place.  The greatest website ever created is useless unless people know it's there and actually surf to it.  Web promotion includes registering your site with search engines, adding appropriate links to and from other sites that can help you, and several top-secret tips and tricks we're not about to disclose publicly. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one facet of web promotion--and unfortunately the subject of a lot of spam email these days.  It's the process of making your website absolutely irresistible to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc.  Result?  Your site gets "ranked higher", meaning that it shows up at or near the top of the search engine's list of websites when someone types in the keywords or search phrases that describe your products or services.  See examples below.        

         All righty then... You know what the terms mean, but why should you choose Fortson Communications to help you do them?

         Well, we're good at Internet Marketing, Web Promotion and Search Engine Optimization, that's why.  And we'll be happy to back up the brag as much as you like when we talk one-on-one.

          Meanwhile, here are three diverse examples that speak for themselves.  Please click the small pictures for full-size views, and look at the rankings for Offroad Design (left),  Embrace, Release, Heal Cancer Guide (center), and Crossroads Wine and Spirits (right) - all of them our SEO clients.  Then use your browser's back button to return here and read the Search Engine Optimization paragraph below.


  • Search Engine Optimization:  The name of the SEO game is "Get on Page One or Two" of the big search engines.   And we know how to win the game, without using expensive "Pay Per Click" or "Paid Inclusion" programs.   Note that both Crossroads Wine and Spirits and Offroad Design are Number One  (non-sponsored, meaning we didn't pay Google extra for a higher place on the list) out of 101,000 and 6 million   web sites respectively.   Embrace, Release, Heal is on page one out of 40 million results.  All of these rankings were as of February, 2012.   We're proud that our efforts have kept these sites at the top even though the competitive listings have skyrocketed!  Best of all, our optimization program is exceptionally reasonably priced.

  • Internet Marketing & Web Promotion:  We're proud to be able to report that one of our e-commerce clients quadrupled their gross sales (from high five figures to mid six figures) within eighteen months after we signed on as marketing consultants.  We built and promoted their website and online catalog, and produced and coordinated both their traditional print advertising/PR/catalogs and their online marketing.  We're not saying we're solely responsible for the success, but we worked closely with their sales manager and company owner to achieve a coordinated effort that really paid off and continues to work well for them.

        We work hard for our clients and we're proud of the results we achieve.  We'll be happy to talk with you about your needs and how we can help.  And we'll be happy to have you speak with our clients for professional referrals.  Let us hear from you soon.